Golf Cart Insurance

Do you need insurance if you own a golf cart?  It depends, on how you use your golf cart or where you ride.  If you use it like you use your riding mower or only on a golf course a  homeowners policy with a golf cart endorsement may suffice.  However, it’s very important to realize this coverage is very limited as most homeowners policies will not cover golf cart accidents unless they happen on a golf course or on your own property.  Example, if you were driving your golf cart on a golf course and hit someone your homeowners would more than likely cover the injuries you caused the other person.

If you ride your golf cart on city streets or use it like you would an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) it may be best to add it to your auto policy.  Insurance carriers do look at golf carts differently so it’s always best to consult your agent or call us if you have golf cart questions.

You can also save money on your golf cart insurance by bundling it with your home, renters, or auto policy.

How much does golf cart insurance cost?  That varies as well, it’s the way the golf cart is used that really dictates the premium along with the individual seeking coverage.  The golf cart insurance price will also be dependent on the liability limits and amount of coverage that is purchased.  We will be able to give you some options for your insurance to find the plan that best fits your budget.

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